This used to be my “VMS pet theory” blog, but, as any serious amateur certainly must notice, somewhere “along the way”, approaching a difficult problem out of the opinion space is rather stupid, besides if one is into betting with Fortuna.

I archived all writings I now think irrelevant, but apologies if not all bits & pieces of WordPress code obey this.. generally the unfinished state of this website is due to my ongoing efforts to build a research web base with WordPress, which at the moment, I tend to think more on the futile side. I am looking for alternatives.

Generally, two main topics stay in focus:

  1. Digitally encoding the VMS contents according to scholarly standards
  2. Evaluation of the VMS writing

Both simple sounding tasks with devilish details.

My main focus is in organizing my research, not so much in theorizing, outlining, explaining, etc.. as I believe it is much too early for anything like that.

Your comments are welcome, please use the contact form.