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Voynich Bombe

August 26, 2017

As of late, I notice a slight tendency to get bored with the “ugly duckling” alone, and also some annoyance with the current state of affairs of “Voynichism”.

As much as I value the VMS as a hub for further research, the more I get drawn to other topics.

A while ago I found out for myself that the order of things needs to be reverted if one aspires to do serious research as an amateur. One cannot simply pick a feature, then compare everything else to it. No, it is hard work: One needs to look at everything else first, and then compare the feature of interest to your set of learnings.

Simple as that.

The world is, and always was full of interesting things. No one ever believed it was a disc.

The Voynich Undusting

Lunch break is over! Now for a short coffee break.. there is a book on the coffee table, a coffee table book, so to say. With strangely familiar looking letter like symbols and incomprehensible naive imagery. So much for shortness.. but let me type along.

I think the Yale facsimile edition of the VMS is excellent. Not so much in terms of “crispness” of the print, which would rather disappoint me. It enables me to “get related” with the physical appearance of the volume, almost as being able to leaf through it. A very different experience from watching it onscreen.

I need to do a few things differently on this blog, in terms of personal resource allocation. Hence, to understand the true nature of the weBlog format, which is to be an aid to condensate my thoughts. You are welcome to accompany me on my breadcrumbs trail. Please excuse brevity from now on.