Liber Herbariæ Graziense

It has been a long while since I published something here. I was kind of occupied, and still am, but I want to put this out.

My Mother and my Aunt were taught to botanize and to paint plant illustrations in school, some 60 years ago. They not only learned all the Latin names according to the system introduced by Linné (now historical), but also the special plant features that should be depicted to make them recognizable. Plus the medicinal features of them (one has a small “Jolly Roger” next to it… and you know what that means!).

They painted them in watercolor on handmade paper as a gift to me, around three years ago. I cannot let this treasure remain in some drawer. Some of them have original dried leaves or blossoms glued to it.

By the way, I let both of my family members see the VMS plant images… their comment: “They look rather flat. Not identifiable”.

Please enjoy!



Please Note: I output these images here unedited and in a small resolution, because I explicitly plan to include them in a larger print release in the future. Please read the licensing information included with this post, or contact me with further questions about usage conditions. Thank you for minding.


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