Handwriting of VMS Letterlike Symbols

“(…) Let me do it and I will learn” – As often falsely attributed, as true.

A bit of experimental VMS research: I want to reproduce the writing (copying..) conditions of the VMS.

Easily said, as they are widely unknown. So I’ll start with basics, and work through until I find a good way to systematize it.

A few peculiarities about the way of the writing shall be explored.

.. and of course it should also be entertaining along the way.

This is work in progress and the page will be expanded (Version 0.2 of 16012017).

Areas of Interest: Writing & Colouring Tools, Iron Gallus & Colour Inks, Writing Technique, etc.

Phase 1: Trial with calligraphy fountain pen on standard paper and on parchment ersatz paper (Status: largely completed, shall be reopened in the last phase)

Purpose of this is to perform a calligraphic evaluation of how the writing is performed

Nib: 1,1 mm. Too broad to arrive at the small line height & overall size of VMS symbols, especially the “second (smaller) hand”. Compromising in writing about 50% larger –  VMS Letterlike Symbols are tiny, but not as minute as it gets – there are even smaller Humanist Cursive hands.