What makes a good question?

Like many others I think it is a promising approach to attack a complex problem with posing good questions. It is a little hard to describe what a really good question should look like. For me it is more a process of trial & error. Luckily it turns out rather quickly when a question is not a good one. Nevertheless I would like to outline a few things I found out about good questions:

  • The question should be novel, in that it asks something about the problem that has not been asked before
  • In my opinion it is also allowed to reformulate an existing question so that it asks something in a new way
  • It is best if the question arises directly from an observation you make
  • The question should not directly depend on other questions
  • It is favourable if the question does not spawn more than 1 other question directly
  • It is best if the question stands at the end of your line of reasoning
  • The formulation of the question should convey everything it is asking about
  • Thus it should be a simple question that is simple to answer

So far my questions are:

If they are genuine, what is the purpose of the circular illustrations encoding animations?

Can the binding of the manuscript be dated?

I might elaborate on this, as I learn, in the future.. it’s all a process.

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